Design Templates & Principles

Get an overview of design principles to follow, and how to use the templates

Correct Dimensions

Always start with the correct size and make sure to add bleed. Correct dimensions are listed in the FAQ.

3mm Bleed on Each Side

Make sure all background elements that have to reach the edge of the badge extend to the bleed area.

No Crop or Print Marks

Do not add crop or printer marks. It’s done by us as we push the order to production.

Use CMYK Colour System

Please use CMYK colour system as RGB may produce different end results. No Spot or Pantone colours. 


All images and non-vector elements should be at least 300dpi. Otherwise the end result can be blurry.

Safety Areas

Make sure anything you want printed is at least 8mm from the edges.

Font Sizes and Outlining

Fonts should be 8pt and higher. We can print 6pt but readability is poor. Do not outline text fields.

Rich Black vs Regular Black

Rich black (60%,40%,40%,100%) is used for large visual elements. For text, please use regular black (0%, 0%, 0%, 100%)

Line Weights

Thick lines give better results, don’t go lower than 0.5pt

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