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Most common questions

How do I order the badges?

Please email the order details to 

We need the following:

  • Badge design file(s)
  • Data file/link for personalisation (if applicable)
  • Number of blanks
  • Event date
  • Delivery location
How long it takes to get the badges?

Depending on badge type and quantity, here are our average production times:

  • Premium Badges usually take 4 days to manufacture
  • Regular Badges usually take 2-3 days, depending on quantity
  • Environmental Badges usually take 2-3 days, depending on quantity

These estimates don’t include transit time – Usually 1 business day, 2 business days for more remote locations.

What's the cost for the badges?

Here’s our Pricing and you can request a quote.

Express shipping cost: 🇪🇺 Europe – 21€, 🇬🇧 UK /🇨🇭Switzerland – 29€

For other countries like 🇺🇸 The US or 🇨🇦 Canada, we work case-by-case, please get in touch for shipping cost.

Do I have to pay duties and/or taxes when ordering?

No, you won’t pay taxes and duties when the shipments arrives to the destination country. All our products arrive under the “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP) condition. We cover the whole process and taxes.

That’s the only way to provide  service without major delays.

Do you have urgent/rush service availble?

Depending on our production queue, we might be able to help out with rush orders. Please reach out to discuss availability and options.

Can you personalise each badge?

Yes, we can personalise each badge with attendee names, company names, simple barcodes, QR codes and images.

What's the minimum order quantity? (MOQ)

Our minimum is 50 units.

For orders to the UK 🇬🇧, the minimum order value has to be 155€ + shipping fee. That way we’re able to provide delivery without delays in customs.

Do you make custom lanyards?

We don’t produce custom lanyards at the moment, it might change in the future.

Production & delivery time

When should I place my order?

Please fill in the form to get a timeline. It’s best to start the conversation about your potential order earlier and confirm deadlines for timely arrival. 

How long is production time?

Production time depends on the badge type and quantity:

  • Premium Badges usually take 4 days to manufacture
  • Regular Badges usually take 2-3 days, depending on quantity
  • Environmental Badges usually take 2-3 days, depending on quantity

These estimates don’t include delivery time.

How long is delivery time?

Delivery time in Europe is usually 1 business day to larger cities and metropolitan areas, 2 business days for more remote locations.

For orders to the UK 🇬🇧 and Switzerland 🇨🇭, it usually takes 2 business days.

Which delivery companies do you use?

For majority of shipments we use DHL Express and in some cases FedEx. All shipments are trackable.

Do you have 9AM or 12:00 delivery options?

For larger cities and metropolitan areas we might be able to offer 9AM and/or 12:00 arrival time with DHL Express upgrades. It’s a service that we will bill extra for.

Please reach out and share the exact delivery address.

Can the badges be delivered during the weekend?

Weekend delivery is possible only with DHL Express for very limited central addresses in large cities.

Please reach out and share the exact delivery address.

Artwork & designing

Do you have any tutorials about designing and tips?

Here are the most important principles to follow:

Text: Keep all text 6pt or larger. Do not outline text fields that need personalisation.

Images: Use vector elements if possible and embed any photos/images at 300dpi or more.

Bleeds: Our templates are set with bleed area (3mm on each side).

Safe area: Please keep any important elements that can’t be partly cut at least 8mm from the edges.

Cut lines/print marks: Do not add cut marks or cut lines yourself, we’ll do it on our end.

Line weight: Keep line weights at 0.5pt or thicker.

Read more about our design guidelines here: Design Principles.

How to show personalisation/data fields on the template?

You can place text fields with placeholder text like “First Name”, “Last Name” and so on for fields that need personalisation. These text fields should be in locations where you want them to be printed.

Please use the fonts and sizes that you want to be printed and don’t outline the placeholder fields.

Can I have multiple designs?

Yes, you can have multiple designs for different types of participants. There’s no extra fee for that.

Should I add cut or registration marks?

No, please do not add them. We will do it ourself.

Will the colours be the same as on the screen?

Colours for your your event badges will be the same or very close to the design file on computer screen.

Final results depend on many factors like computer screen settings and printing materials.

Should I outline text?

You can outline all text fields that are not used for personalisation.

How to get rich black colour?

The best “rich black” for large elements like background can be achieved with the following CMYK values: 60%, 40%, 40%, 100%.

For text, it’s OK to use regular black with values: 0%, 0%, 0%, 100%.

Which file formats do you accept?

We prefer to work with .ai (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF files as they give the best end result for print production.

.pptx/.png/.jpg files can give poor results in terms of colour and clarity. It’s ok to have some elements like logos as .png files.

What are the right dimensions for design files?

In case you want to use Canva or some other tool for designing, here are the dimensions with 3mm bleed on each side:

Premium Badges

  • Small (80x111mm)
  • Large (106x146mm)

Regular & Environmental Badges

  • Small (80x111mm)
  • Large (111x154mm)

Personalisation & data

How to send the data over for personalisation?

You can send it as a simple Excel file or a link to Google Docs/Sheets. First row should be the header where each data field is named. 

Here’s an example file: Data file example

How will long names and data fit on the badge?

For long names and data, we’ll scale down and fit them on multiple lines if needed. We won’t go smaller than 9-10pt in text size to keep readability.

It’s good to have empty space around text fields that can be long like job titles or department names.

How to show personalisation/data fields on the template?

Please use placeholder text where the data has to be printed. You can use “First Name”, “Last Name” or your own credentials.

Do you store any personal data?

We use Google Sheets and Dropbox to process and format personal data. All data files are deleted in 48 hours after shipping out the order, nothing is stored locally.

Both service providers (Dropbox and Google Sheets) delete all removed/deleted files permanently in 30 days.

We only store design template files without any personal info.

Will you sign an NDA or a DPA if needed?

Yes, we can sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if needed.

We can also sign a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) that outlines terms for data processing, focusing on ensuring data protection and privacy compliance.



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